Metr GmbH

Mockups & Website programming

Based on a brand identity and a market research in the building management industry, I created set of mockups that promote a more modern approach to building management. The website was programmed with a custom theme for WordPress as it was the easiest for the client to manage the site.

3 different pages

Home, Product and About pages were designed with some minor UX features such as clickable icon banners.


With the help of Advanced Custom Fields in WordPress, the pages are easily adjustable and the site stays very lightweight.

Clean, modern tech look

Minimal but a little bit playful due to some micro animations and bright colours.


The site was deployed in 2 languages with the WPML plugin. This makes the site easy to edit.

Tech stack

PHP, HTML, Javascript and CSS
Bootstrap (Grid only)
Theme is based on Understrap
Gulp for building and minifying JS and CSS