Conversion, conversions and conversions. 65% of your visitors are mobile, make their experience count by implementing a conversion focused design.


At the basis of a well functional responsive website lies testing. In cooperation, we can test every aspect on multiple devices. Key is cross browser functionality.


Slow websites have higher bounce rates, causing potential conversions to dissappear. I develop solutions for the web that take this and the latest development in the web into account.


Each CMS has pros and cons. WordPress for example, is very flexible but it requires significant maintenance. Choose a CMS that fits your needs.


I work especially well in combination with a marketing team or an existing project management team consisting of other departments.

CSS & HTML. The semantic web
PHP for templating and plugins in for example WordPress, CraftCMS or Kirby
Custom Plugin or theme development for WordPress.
Javascript in tandem with NextJS, Gatsby or NuxtJS (ReactJS or VueJS)
Animations with GSAP or plain CSS3
CMS modifications or setup. Headless (Prismic, Contenful, DatoCMS, Kirby) or Monoliths (CraftCMS, WordPress, Kirby)
Setup Tag Manager with custom tracking and connecting with any platform (FB, Adwords)

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Over the years I’ve worked with a diverse set of clients. Startups, SME’s, Corporations, as well in cooperation with agencies.

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