Eciotify GmbH

Website programming

The goal of the project was to build several landing pages for the launch of the initial token offering back in 2017. Eciotify is now Weeve, and is part of the next big thing.

High level Design

The design was supposed to be new and exciting as it was going to be essential in the token offering. Despite the delivery of the website, the design never went live.


The choice of CMS was important because there was a lot of content to edit on each page and also for multiple languages. It needed to be easy for content creators, so we choose Prismic.

Prismic API

The prismic API and documentation was also well developed and maintained, especially in the early days of the headless CMS. There are also helpers available to handle RichText Formatting which helps to create whole sites.


Nuxt.js is a Vue.js framework with many built in features. Nuxt.js supports generating a static website based on your Vue application. This would give us SEO relevant and performance optimized pages. Works great with Vercel for deployment.

Tech stack

Prismic CMS
Nuxt.js (Vue.js)
Bootstrap (Grid only)
Deployment on Vercel.