Self-Publishing Company GmbH

Mockups & Website programming

As part of a project for a major publisher, I was asked to rebuild a platform for publishing e-books. Users could, through the dashboard upload their own books to the platform for selling. Completely free and all the proceeds of the sales would go to the owner of the e-book.

Sketches and Wireframes

Based on a few long sessions and the previous site that existed, we came up with a plan to improve the site. It needed a cockpit, the main dashboard, a place where all information is located and users can navigate from.

CMS & Tech

We choose WordPress with Woocommerce (again) because of the benefits that came with the online shop. The platform itself was gonna be built as an extension (plugin) to WordPress, while using Woocommerce hooks and functionaity.

Familiar look but more modern

Compared to the previous platform, we made it feel more modern and with the new dashboard, we had the chance to include analytics of how well your book was selling on the shop and how much was made.

Payments with Stripe

Users would need to make a stripe account to get paid, which was fairly easy and we guided them through. After an e-book was bought, the proceeds would pass from the shop to the stripe account of the user. We used Stripe Connect platform for this.

Tech stack

WordPress & Woocommerce
PHP, HTML, Javascript and CSS
Bootstrap (Grid only)
Custom plugin and custom theme based on Understrap
Gulp for building and minifying JS and CSS