Sekthaus Raumland GmbH

Website & E-Commerce programming

The website was a relaunch of their old outdated website and e-shop. It also included a new design and many added landing pages. The design was also a launch of their new product labels and new wines.

The website was fun to build because the company is truly a family company and you can notice that in the design and the communication. The client was also very happy that the website was delivered on time and with a stunning result.


We choose WordPress, because of the need of having an e-commerce store, and we wanted to keep everything under one platform.


In order to easily edit and manage pages we agreed on using Gutenberg. Now the client can easily reorder, restructure and create landing pages.

CRM & Newsletter

Part of the support involved integrating Woocommerce with the CRM and newsletter campaigns. This was done through a set of hooks and filters running on order completion. Now, all data gets synced with the CRM for order processing and delivery. Newsletters as well as other sending features are also part of the integration.


Together with ACF, components were built for all design elements. This allows not only for more effective coding, but also the css and js of the components are only loaded when needed. So a faster site as a side result as well.

Tech stack

WordPress & Woocommerce
Custom Theme with Gutenberg Blocks
Clever use Slick.js for sliders (horizontal, vertical and tabs)
Deployment on Thanks for the support.