Reservation System

Hooked up with airbnb

A system allowing small website owners to use their own marketing channels to get guests to reserve on their website.

Backend Interface for Website owners

The interface allows clients to update property information, such as number of guests, prices, create new properties, cancel and refund bookings and hook up calendars from other systems.

Frontend with Calendar and Checkout

An intuitive calendar which guests can use to quickly navigate through different properties and check availability, and eventually book a property and pay with paypal.

Built with Ruby on Rails

Rails allows for a quick initial setup from the backend interface, due to it’s CRUD interface together with Devise, which acts an authentication system.

Hosted on Heroku

Quick deployments with several pipelines, staging and production and integration with GIT. Together with a Postgresql extension it makes deployment a breeze.

Tech stack

Ruby on Rails (6.0)
Postgresql Database
Bootstrap (simple web framework)
Devise Authentication (Secure login)
Heroku for deployment and hosting
AWS file storage, for storing invoices
Paypal SDK for checkout
WickedPdf for invoice generation
Google API client for calendar updates
Rollbar for logging errors